Cheryl was great! She showed us multiple properties then helped us find our house and buy it. She's super nice and new the area very well. We really enjoyed working with her. We were new to the state of CO, coming from TX, so she also did a great job of explaining lots of differences in processes.  We appreciate her connecting us with a fantastic lender as well. I highly recommend Cheryl!    -Kelly 


Cheryl spent several weeks helping us find the perfect property. We are very pleased with the rental house we bought. She is so patient and upbeat. Thank goodness we had her knowledge to fall back on since we had never experienced the process. We built our first home so we didn't know the process  of searching for and financing a home.   -Sarah


We began the house buying process early August, 2015. We ended up using two leaders. The first was slow to process the application and we were in jeopardy of losing our earnest money. Cheryl came to our rescue by locating the second lender and stayed with us through out the entire process. By  the time we closed almost four months later, we were confident that our needs were addressed very much to our satisfaction. It's pretty simple. If you want an agent who will work for you exclusively, you need Cheryl Jones. Period. End of Story.    -Danny 


Cheryl Jones was extremely helpful in the sale of our home. She stayed in constant contact with us throughout the entire process. We would highly recommend Cheryl to anyone selling or buying a home.   -Frank & Clara


Cheryl found the mountain home of our dreams. My wife and I made a list of properties we each liked and for one reason or the other, none of them worked out. Cheryl did her own research and found the perfect house. She is knowledgeable, professional, helpful, etc. I cannot say enough positive  things about her.     -Ray